A ladies' electric bike, also known as an e- or electric bike for women, is essentially an electrically powered bicycle designed with features that cater to the needs and preferences of female riders, such as step-through frame, stylish appearance, lighter weight, etc. The emergence of women's electric bike gives more women the opportunity to join the cycling team and gain convenience, fun and health from cycling.

Today, let's find out more about ladies' electric bikes, including their characteristics and the best electric bikes for ladies in the UK.

a woman rides a ladies' electric bike - engwe l20

What are the Characteristics of Women's Electric Bikes?

In order to provide a more comfortable experience, manufacturers pay attention to features suitable for female riders when designing women's electric bikes. Therefore, electric ladies' bikes on the market generally have the following characteristics.

1. Step-through frame: Many ladies' e-bikes adopt a step-through frame design for easy installation and removal. This design is very convenient and comfortable for women, especially those who are smaller or wear skirts or dresses, so they are very popular among women. (Click here to get the step-thru electric bikes from Engwe.)

2. Lighter construction: Electric bike designed for women generally have lighter frames and components, making them easier to manage and operate.

3. Specific geometry: The frame geometry of ladies' electric bikes can be adjusted to suit the average proportions and preferences of female riders, which may include shortening the distance of the handlebars, lowering the standover height, or other adjustments for a comfortable fit.

4. Stylish design: When making ladies' e-bikes, manufacturers often focus on aesthetics, because fashionable appearance is more attractive to female riders. This can include color choices, decorative elements and an overall visually appealing appearance.

5. Comfortable saddles and handlebars: Taking into account anatomical differences and preferences, electric ladies' bike may come with more comfortable saddles and handlebars to allow for a more enjoyable riding experience for female riders.

6. Versatility: Some ladies' e-bikes are designed for multi-purpose use and can adapt to different scenarios, from commuting to leisure riding to light off-roading. Versatility bikes can suit a variety of needs and preferences.

7. Appropriate motor power: Women's e-bikes often have motors with different levels of assistance, which allows the rider to choose the level of electric assistance based on their preference or terrain, achieving a balance between performance and ease of use.

a girl rides a ladies's electric bike - engwe e26

What is the best Ladies Electric Bike?

What are the best best ladies' electric bikes in the UK? Currently, there are different e-bikes provided by different manufacturers on the market for you to choose from. You can make a choice based on your own situation and needs. If you want to get a result faster, then you can refer to the following recommended electric bikes for ladies. They basically have the characteristics of the ladies' electric bike mentioned above, and are of acceptable quality and reasonably priced.

1. Engwe P275 ST

Engwe P275 ST is a step through electric bike recently launched by Engwe, which is specially designed for commuting. This e-bike is available to both men and women, but is more female-friendly than other models.

First of all, it is designed with a step-through frame, making it easier for those who are not that tall or have skirts to get on or off the bike; secondly, the appearance of the P275 ST is very simple and stylish, and it is available in three colors: white-orange, white and black; and, this women's electric bike is equipped with a Selle Royal saddle and Air seatpost, allowing the rider to adjust the seat until they find their comfort zone. Not only that, Engwe P275 ST also uses Ananda 250W brushless mid-drive motor, which can make riding more natural and easy.

The Engwe P275 ST provides a perfect e-bike option for female riders, making riding more relaxed, natural and comfortable. It is the best ladies' electric bike.

ladies's electric bike - engwe p275 st

2. Estarli e20.7

Estarli e20.7 is a lightweight electric folding bike that weights only 18kg. It is very easy to carry and store, and can be easily lifted by most women. Apart from this, this women's electric bike has other highlights.

Estarli e20.7 comes in four colors: slate gray, orange peel, bolt blue, and pink stardust. Among them, orange peel, bolt blue, and pink stardust are brighter and more beautiful, and are more in line with women's aesthetics; its tires are 20 inches, which are relatively large e-bike tires that can provide better stability and balance, thereby enhancing the functionality of the vehicle; moreover, the motor of this electric ladies' bike can provide more power, but make less noise, making riding quieter.

For female riders, this e-bike is lightweight and easy to operate, making it an ideal choice.

3. ADO AIR 20

ADO AIR 20 is also a portable electric folding bike with a net weight of only 16kg. Even women can easily take it home, go to work, put it in the car or take the subway. Its smart torque sensor converts every movement into smooth motor power, while its Carbon belt frees riders from greasy, rusty chains, making riding more enjoyable and fun.

This ladies' e-bike is also available in three colours, all of which are light - light blue, grey and ivory. You can choose your favorite color and start your outdoor riding and enjoy the joy of riding.

4. Engwe E26

The step-through Engwe E26 is an electric bike equipped with a powerful high-torque hub motor, giving you everything you need to overcome any obstacle. Compared with other electric bikes for ladies, the Engwe E26 is slightly heavier, mainly because it is equipped with 26*4.0-inch fat tires, which not only makes the ride smoother and safer, but also makes the ride more fun - it can adapt to more terrains, including sand roads, gravel roads, snow, etc., giving you the opportunity to explore more and newer roads. Moreover, it has a very long cruising range and can travel 140 km on a single charge, which can effectively relieve your range anxiety.

Overall, the Engwe E26 is a versatile women's electric bike. Whether you're commuting, exercising outdoors or exploring mountains or steep trails, it's got it with you.

5. Tenways CGO800S

Tenways CGO800S is an ideal partner for urban riding, providing a smooth, quiet, and energetic ride that maximizes comfort and takes the riding experience to the next level. Its design is sleek and simple, with every detail considered. For example, it uses Gates carbon belt drive. This belt is neat, lightweight and completely maintenance-free, allowing riders to ride with peace of mind even when wearing long pants or a dress.

6. Mirider One GB3

Compared with the above 5 ladies' electric bikes, the appearance and style of Mirider One GB3 will be more serious, and the price will be higher.

This is a folding e-bike designed to provide a relaxed, responsive and powerful riding experience. It features a new 250-watt rear hub motor to assist when pedaling up to speeds of 15.5 mph. And its frame is lightweight yet offers excellent impact and corrosion resistance.

Words in the End

With the development of technology and the growth of the female rider community, more and more electric bicycles that meet the needs and preferences of women and have functions suitable for female riders have appeared on the market, providing more choices for female riders. This allows more women to own satisfactory ladies' electric bikes and enjoy riding.

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