Electric hybrid bike have become a huge hit and have become an increasingly popular way of travel, exercise and entertainment in the UK.

What is an electric hybrid bike? A hybrid electric bike, often simply referred to as an e-bike or electric bike, is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that provides assistance to the rider's pedaling efforts. These bikes combine the traditional features of a standard bicycle with the added benefit of an electric motor, offering riders the option to pedal manually, use electric assistance, or a combination of both. Here's an ultimate guide to help you understand the hybrid e-bike.

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Types of Electric Hybrid Bike

Electric hybrid bikes can be simply divided into 3 types:

  • Step-through electric hybrid bike: This type of electric bicycle has a step-through frame to make it easier for the rider to get on and off the bike.
  • Off-road electric hybrid bike: This type of e-bikes are more performance-oriented and suitable for those who want to ride faster on a variety of terrains.
  • Commuter electric hybrid bike: This type of electric bike is designed for urban commuting and is suitable for those who need to commute and travel short distances.

electric hybrid bike - engwe m20

Pros & Cons of Hybrid Electric Bike

Hybrid electric bikes, like any form of transportation, come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of electric hybrid bikes.

1. Pros

  • Assisted Pedaling: Electric hybrid bikes assist riders in pedaling, making it easier to tackle hills, cover longer distances, and ride for extended periods, particularly beneficial for commuters.
  • Versatility: Hybrid design allows riders to switch between manual pedaling and electric assistance, making them suitable for various terrains and riding styles.
  • Commute Efficiency: E-bikes are excellent for commuting, allowing riders to arrive at their destination faster and less fatigued compared to traditional bikes.
  • Reduced Sweat and Effort: Electric assistance makes it easier to reach higher speeds with less physical effort, which is particularly appealing for riders who want to arrive at their destination without breaking a sweat.
  • Accessibility: E-bikes can be a great option for people with physical limitations or those recovering from injuries, enabling them to enjoy cycling with less strain.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Hybrid e-bikes produce zero emissions during operation, contributing to a cleaner and greener mode of transportation compared to traditional vehicles.
  • Increased Range: With electric assistance, riders can cover longer distances on a single ride, making e-bikes suitable for leisure rides, touring, and exploration.
  • Health Benefits: While e-bikes offer electric assistance, riders still engage in physical activity, contributing to improved cardiovascular health and overall fitness.
  • Community Incentives: Some communities and cities offer incentives for using electric bikes, such as dedicated bike lanes, parking spaces, or financial incentives.

a girl riding an electric hybrid bike - engwe l20

2. Cons

  • Cost: Electric hybrid bikes can be more expensive than traditional bikes due to the additional components like the motor and battery.
  • Weight: E-bikes are typically heavier than traditional bikes, which can impact handling, especially when riding without electric assistance.
  • Maintenance Complexity: Electric hybrid bikes have additional components that may require maintenance or repairs, potentially increasing maintenance costs.
  • Limited Range on a Single Charge: The range per charge may be limited, depending on factors like battery capacity, terrain, and the level of electric assistance used.
  • Charging Time: Charging the battery can take several hours, and access to charging facilities may be a consideration for longer rides.
  • Regulations: Some regions have specific regulations for e-bikes, including speed limits, helmet requirements, and where they can be ridden. Riders need to be aware of and adhere to these regulations.
  • Theft Concerns: Hybrid electric bikes may be more appealing to thieves due to their higher cost and market demand. Proper security measures are essential.
  • Dependency on Battery: If the battery runs out, riders may experience increased resistance, making it harder to pedal, especially on hills.
  • Learning Curve: Some riders may need time to adapt to the additional features and controls of electric bikes.

Best Electric Hybrid Bikes in the UK

1. Engwe M20 - Best off-road electric hybrid bike

Engwe M20 is the best electric hybrid bike for off-road riding that has a powerful motor (peak 1000W), dual suspension system and a maximum range of 75 km (single battery). In addition, the 20*4.0-inch fat tires enable the hybrid electric bike to ride smoothly on different terrains, bringing more fun and excitement to riders. With this best hybrid electric bike, you will be able to easily take adventures on different terrains and gain new experiences on every adventure.

2. Canyon Grand Canyon:ON 9

The Canyon Grand Canyon:ON 9 is one of the best electric hybrid bikes in the UK, equipped with a powerful Bosch motor that can provide power for climbing, making climbing effortless. Meanwhile, this electric hybrid bike in UK also has advanced anti-theft protection and anti-lock brakes, paying great attention to the safety of the electric bikes and riders.

3. Engwe E26 - Best commuter electric hybrid bike

Engwe E26 is an electric hybrid bike suitable for commuting, dedicated to improving the daily commuting experience and making you enjoy the journey more. The best hybrid electric bike is equipped with a 250W hub-motor with high torque, which can help you overcome all obstacles. In electric assist mode, you will be able to ride easily and cover a range of up to 140km. When you conquer various terrains, your safety is also well protected - the Engwe E26's hydraulic brakes will keep you safe on the road, and the fat tires will also make your ride smoother.

electric hybrid bike - engwe e26

4. Specialized Turbo Tero X 4.0

The Specialized Turbo Tero X 4.0 is a full suspension electric bike that allows you to ride further and explore more. Its powerful motor has 50Nm of torque and a 530Wh battery, providing incredibly seamless pedal assistance and long-lasting battery life to make your rides easier and smoother.

5. Engwe L20 - Best step-through electric hybrid bike

Engwe L20 is a stylish step-thru hybrid e-bike designed for long-distance riding and can cover up to 140 km on a single charge. Moreover, its powerful hub-motor with high torque can provide quick and seamless acceleration, making every ride easy and comfortable. Whether it is daily commuting, or going up mountains and down valleys, Engwe L20 can be your perfect companion.

6. Ribble Hybrid AL e

The Ribble Hybrid AL e offers the perfect blend of style, comfort and efficiency to keep you entertained during city cruising, commuting and day trips. In PAS mode, the best hybrid electric bike's lightweight hub drive motor provides smooth, reliable power assistance; when PAS mode is off, its resistance is close to zero, ensuring your ride is as natural as a traditional bike.

The Bottom Line

Electric hybrid bike offers a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative for those who want extra power while riding or need help overcoming physical limitations, as well as providing a practical solution for commuting and leisure riding. For many people, a hybrid electric bike is an excellent choice.

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