Electric bicycles are bringing changes and convenience to British lives. E bikes can not only improve the riding experience and make short trips easier and more interesting, but also allow people to get more exercise and help solve air quality problems. However, to be one of the many beneficiaries of e bikes, you must understand electric bikes and choose the best electric bike in the United Kingdom. And this post is what you need - it will tell you the types of electric bikes, the criteria the best electric bikes have to meet and recommend the best e bikes in UK.

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Types of Electric Bikes

There are different types of electric bike in UK to meet different riding needs, mainly including:

1. Electric Road Bike

Electric road bikes are bicycles equipped with an electric assist system, primarily suitable for riding on pavement. This kind of electric bikes allow riders to ride faster and farther, and climb hills and ride against the wind more easily.

2. Electric Mountain Bike

The electric mountain bike, also known as E-MTB, can be used for off-road riding in different terrains such as forests, dirt or mountain roads, providing a higher, faster, farther and more exciting riding experience. For outdoor adventure lovers, this is the best partner.

3. Electric Hybrid Bike

Electric hybrid bike refers to a new type of vehicle driven by a mixture of human power and lithium battery power. When its electrical system is not in use or disabled, the wheels can run as easily as an ordinary bicycle. In other words, electric hybrid bikes can be ridden normally with or without electricity, allowing cyclists to enjoy riding.

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4. Folding Electric Bike

A folding electric bicycle is an ultra-light, foldable electric bicycle that is unique in that it is small, foldable, lightweight, and easy to store. It is a stylish companion for short trips.

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5. Electric Cargo Bike

Electric cargo bike or cargo e bike is an electric bicycle capable of carrying cargo or people. It has a stronger cargo carrying capacity than other electric bikes, while being cleaner and more efficient than traditional trucks.

What Criteria Do the Best Electric Bikes Have to Meet?

If you want to buy the best electric bike that suits you best, you must understand what kind of bicycle can be called the best electric bike before buying.

1. Motor

Currently, there are two main types of motors equipped with electric bicycles, Rear Hub Drive Motors and Mid Drive/Center Drive Motors. Rear Hub Drive Motors are divided into two types: Direct Drive and Geared Hub, which are suitable for different terrains and uses. Direct Drive is more suitable for riding on flat roads and can be used for commuter electric bikes; Geared Hub is suitable for carrying heavy loads and steep hills, and can be used for electric mountain bikes, electric cargo bikes, etc.; Mid Drive/Center Drive Motors are the most efficient motors, usually provides the longest cruising range. Therefore, when you buy an electric bike, you need to check whether the motor equipped with it is suitable for the type of e-bike.

2. Battery

The best electric bikes in UK or other areas must have the high-quality and safe battery. Moreover, the battery of an electric bicycle must comply with British standards, that is, the battery voltage is lower than 48VDC or the built-in charger voltage is 230V. In addition, the weight, battery life, and charging speed of the battery should also be taken into consideration.

3. Range

Electric bicycles are mainly designed for short to medium-distance travel, so their range is limited. If you want to go further with your electric bike, you should consider the cruising range of the bike when purchasing. However, the cruising range of electric bike is affected by many factors, such as the motor, battery, rider's weight, riding terrain, weather, etc., so it is recommended that you consult the seller.

4. Weight

E-bikes used for different purposes have different weights: e-bikes used for road riding and commuting will be lighter, while e-bikes used for off-road or mountain riding will be heavier. But in general, lighter electric bikes will be more popular.

5. Price

The prices of e-bikes vary, but the concept that the higher the price, the better the bike, is wrong. In fact, what suits you is the best. So when choosing the best electric bike, you have to consider whether the price of the bike is within your budget and how cost-effective it is.

Which are the Best Electric Bikes in UK?

Which electric bike is the best in UK? Here are several highly rated e-bikes for your reference.

1. Best Electric Road Bikes: Orbea GAIN M10i

If you want to buy an electric road bike, you can consider the Orbea GAIN M10i. This is the best electric bike in UK for road ride, which can make your road riding more enjoyable and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy the fun of road riding in a hearty sport.

2. Best Electric Mountain Bikes: Engwe M20

From a performance and value for money perspective, the Engwe M20 is undoubtedly one of the best e bikes in the UK. The best e bike in UK's powerful battery, fat tires suitable for all terrains, dual suspension systems, dual batteries, etc. can make mountain riding more stable and comfortable, while also ensuring a long range.

3. Best Electric Hybrid Bikes: Engwe E26

Engwe E26 is one of the best electric hybrid bikes in UK. When the battery of the best electric bike is sufficient, you can ride it effortlessly and feel the speed of the wind and the joy of riding; when the battery of the bicycle is insufficient, you can still pedal easily and enjoy the scenery along the way leisurely.

best electric bike - engwe e26

4. Best Folding Electric Bikes: Engwe Engine Pro

Engwe Engine Pro is the leader in folding electric bikes and is widely recognized as the best e bike in the UK. With the full suspension system and fat tires, the best e-bike in UK does a great job of keeping the ride stable and comfortable. Moreover, the folded size of the bike is also very small, only 104*55*84cm, which is very convenient for storage and transportation.

5. Best Electric Cargo Bikes: Tern GSD S10

The Tern GSD S10 is an excellent electric cargo bike with a range of up to 195 kilometers. With it, you can carry two kids, groceries, or a load of cargo, with a very large capacity. And its brake light can help you signal to stop safely, improving riding safety.


Do you now know how to choose the best electric bikes in the UK? Hurry up and choose an electric bike that suits you best among the best e-bikes and own it, and start enjoying the smoothness and pleasure of riding.

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