Electric bikes (e-bikes) are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, including in the United Kingdom (UK). This is because electric bicycles provide people with a faster and easier way to travel - compared with traditional bicycles, electric bikes are faster and more labor-saving; compared with motorcycles, electric bikes are lighter and more environmentally friendly. Moreover, some fast electric bikes allow riders to feel speed and passion while ensuring riding safety. If you are a person who enjoys speed, then you can try fast e-bikes. But before that, you need to know about the top speed limit for electric bikes in the UK, and the reliable fast electric bikes in the country.

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Maximum Speed Limit for Electric Bikes in the UK

The maximum speed limit for electric bikes (EAPCs - Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles) in the UK is 15.5 mph (25 km/h). This means that the electric assistance on the bike must cease when it reaches this speed. E-bikes that meet the EAPC requirements are considered regular bicycles, and riders do not need a license to operate them. As long as you are over 14 years old and your e-bike has a top speed of 15.5mph (25 km/h), you can ride your electric bike on UK roads without having to buy insurance or obtain a license, etc.

It's essential to note that the 15.5 mph limit applies to electric assistance; riders can, of course, pedal faster than this speed without assistance.

Best Fast Electric Bikes Within the Top Speed Limits

Here are 5 of the best fast electric bikes in the UK within the top speed limit, allowing you to experience the joy of riding fast and get you on any road in the UK.

1. Engwe Engine X

Engwe Engine X is a full suspension folding electric bike equipped with a 250W brushless motor and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Its 7-speed SHIMANO gear can provide reliable transmission performance, allowing you to ride faster and more effortlessly; its 20*4.0-inch fat tires allow you to conquer a variety of terrains, including sand roads, gravel roads, snow, etc.; its foldable frame allows you to easily transport and store your e-bike. Moreover, in PAS mode and with sufficient battery, you can ride the best fast e-bike Engwe Engine X for 120 km.

2. ADO Air 20

ADO Air 20 is also an electric folding bike with a range of up to 100 kilometers. This electric bike is available in CE Version 250W and International Version 350W, and the former version is more suitable for use in the UK. Likewise, this fast electric bike in the UK is equipped with a brushless hub motor and has a top speed of 25 km/h. Its smart torque sensor converts every movement into smooth motor power, and there are three assist modes. The combination of the two can make riding smoother and easier, allowing riders to enjoy road riding more purely.

3. Engwe Engine Pro

The Engwe Engine Pro has a more powerful motor, but its top speed is still within the UK legal limit - 15.5 mph (25 km/h). As the fastest electric bike that can travel on any road in the UK, the Engwe Engine Pro has many highlights. It has 8-speed SHIMANO gears that delivers reliable, effortless, and accurate gear shifting. At the same time, its hydraulic brakes can well ensure the safety of the rider, and its fat tires and dual suspensions can ensure the smooth of riding. With the fastest electric bike in the UK, you can explore more terrain and enjoy longer rides.

4. Tenways CGO800S

Tenways CGO800S is an urban e-bike that provides a smart and comfortable riding experience, suitable for people living and working in the city. This urban electric bike also complies with the speed limit requirements of British regulations for electric bicycles and is one of the best fastest electric bikes in the UK. It has a simple and stylish appearance, good performance, and a cruising range of up to 100km per charge, making it the best commuting companion for urban residents.

5. Engwe L20

Engwe L20 is step-through electric commuter bike whose sleek looks and high performance allow riders to ride in style and ride with ease. Like the Engwe Engine X, this fast electric bike has 7-speed SHIMANO gears, 20-4.0-inch fat tires, a 250W motor and a max speed of 25Km/h. The difference is that the Engwe L20 has the longest range among these 5 fastest electric bikes - 140 km per charge. With the e-bike, riders are able to enjoy the freedom of long range and the ease and comfort of riding.

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How to Make Your E-bike Faster?

How to increase the speed of an e-bike without exceeding the top speed limit? Here are a few tips to make your electric bike faster.

1. Adjust pedal assist

If you're new to electric bikes, you might not know that the pedal assist on many e-bikes is adjustable - the higher the pedal assist, the more power the motor can allocate to your ride. So instead of pedaling harder to increase speed, you can also adjust the pedal assist level to increase the speed of your e-bike.

2. Fully charge the battery

A fully charged e-bike will always go faster than an e-bike with a low battery, because a weak e-bike cannot continuously provide enough power. Therefore, in order to ensure that the riding speed is not affected, it is recommended that you frequently check the power of the electric bicycle to ensure that the power is sufficient.

3. Increase tire pressure

Tire pressure is very important to the performance of your e-bike. When tire pressure is lower, the contact area between the tire and the ground is larger, resulting in slower speeds. So if you want to make your e-bike faster, then increase the tire pressure.


Fast electric bikes can effectively increase the speed of riding and make riding more efficient and convenient. However, while pursuing speed, you must pay attention to safety, at least your riding speed cannot exceed 15.5 mph or 25 km/h stipulated in British regulations, so that you can ride on different roads in the UK without restrictions. The 5 fast e-bikes in the UK mentioned above meet such requirements and allow you to enjoy speed while complying with regulations.

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