1000w peak power 45km/h 75+75km max range

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48v 13ah for one battery (two batteries edition is total 26ah)

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-1000w peak power

-75+75km max range(75km range for one battery, 150km for two batteries)

-45km/h max speed


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Q1: Compliance with EU regulations
CE certificate for M20

Q2:How to install M20 e-bike?
M20 installation steps

Q3: How to install a second battery in the M20

Installation instructions

Q4: M20 User Manual

Q5: How dual batteries work
-Regarding the use of dual batteries.
1. When you have a second battery installed, there is a button next to it to choose whether to switch on the second battery or not
2. When you switch on both batteries at the same time, the bike will use the power of the two batteries.
Please note: The higher voltage and power of the two batteries will be used first, the power of both batteries will be used at the same time when the voltage and power of the two batteries at the same level.
-For example: one battery voltage and power at 50, other at 40. The voltage and power of 50 battery will be used first, when used to 40, both batteries will be used together until the power is run out.

Q6: Steps to do if the throttle won't spring back
-Our engineer gave the following steps to adjust the throttle handle:
1. Loosen one screw that fixes the throttle handle first, then pull out the throttle handle slightly,
2. Leave some distance between the accelerator handle and the brake shifter kit
3. Try to turn the throttle a few times until the throttle handle can rebound
4. Tighten one screw that fixes the throttle handle

Q7: Where is the battery mount for the second battery?
A: The second battery and the e-bike are shipped separately, and the battery mount is included in the package of the second battery.



-Package Size: 55.12*12.59*33.46(inches) or 140*32*85(cm)
-Unfolding Size (L*H*W): 65.75*44.88*26.77(inches) or 167*114*68(cm)



-Material:6061 aluminum alloy
-Size:20 x 4.0 inches
-Motor:750W brushless motor
-Torque: 55 N.m
-13Ah Battery Version: 48V13Ah Lithium-Ion Battery *1
-26Ah Batteries Version: 48V 13Ah Lithium-Ion *2
-Max Speed: 28MPH (45 KPH) (The actual speed will vary due to rider weight and road conditions)
-Max Mileage: 34.17 Miles (55KM) at electric mode 1 and 46.6 Miles (75KM) at PAS mode 1
-Charging Time: about 5H
-Maximum Climbing degree: 10°
-Brake: 160mm front & rear disc machine brake
-Transmission System: Shimano 7 Gears
-Bike Weight: 76.72lbs (34.8KG)
-Gross Weight: 89.29lbs (40.5KG)
-Maximum Load: 264.55lbs (120KG)
-Advise Rider Height: 5.0~6.8(ft) or 155-210(cm)



Delivered from Poland warehouse, and you can  receive the ebikes in about 7-10 working days.

Europe+Britain's mainland regions can choose free shipping

Package Includes


M20 Ebike *1
13Ah Battery Version: 48V13Ah Lithium-Ion Battery *1

(Dual-cell) 26Ah Batteries Version: 48V 13Ah Lithium-Ion *2

Battery Charger *1
Assembly Tools *1
Frame Bag*1
Pedals *2
Handle Bars Shipped Installed On Bike *1
English User Manual (including Display Manual)*1

M20 Unboxing Video


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