As an environmentally friendly and fashionable new means of transportation, electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Today, there are many different types of E-bikes on the market, including folding electric bike, electric cargo bike, electric road bike, electric off-road bike, etc., which are suitable for people with different travel needs. Among them, electric folding bike is a foldable and lightweight electric bicycle, suitable for those who need to commute short distances or who want to own an electric bike that is easy to carry.

What is a Folding Electric Bike?

A folding electric bike is a foldable, portable electric bike that combines the efficiency and speed of a traditional e-bike with the practicality and portability of a folding bike. The advent of electric folding bikes has made short trips and commuting easier and faster. Meanwhile, the foldability of the fold up electric bike also makes it easy to store and transport, bringing great convenience to the bike owner. It can be said that the foldable electric bike is the perfect companion for people's daily commuting or weekend travel.

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Electric Folding Bikes VS Non-folding Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes and non-foldable electric bikes are both electric bicycles, but there are big differences between them.

1. Foldability

The biggest difference between fold up electric bikes and non-foldable electric bikes is foldability. Obviously, the folding electric bike can be folded, which has great advantages in storage, transportation, travel, etc. In other words, fold up electric bikes are more convenient and easier to store and carry than non-foldable electric bikes.

2. Battery

Compared with other types of electric bikes, such as electric mountain bikes, electric off-road bikes, etc., the battery capacity of foldable electric bikes will be smaller, which means that the range of folding electric bikes will be shorter and the speed will be slower.

3. Weight

Relatively speaking, the electric folding bike is lighter in weight, which is determined by its portability and ease of storage. On the other hand, non-foldable electric bike is generally equipped with larger capacity battery, fatter tires, etc., so the overall weight will be greater.

4. Size

There is no doubt that a fold up electric bike will be smaller than a non-folding electric bike, especially when it is folded. From a storage and transportation perspective, the electric folding bike is a bit more practical - it can be easily put into the boot of a car or even at home.

5. Stability

The frame stability of folding e-bikes is relatively poor, and the wheel diameter is generally small, and the passing ability is poor - it will be bumpy when passing some uneven roads. Therefore, in terms of stability, folding electric bikes are not as good as other electric bikes, especially electric road bikes and mountain bikes.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Folding Electric Bikes

Everything has two sides, the same goes for folding electric bikes, which have advantages and disadvantages.

1. Pros

- Portability: The foldable electric bike is smaller in size and lighter in weight, making it very convenient to carry and easy to store.

- Security: Due to its small size and easy portability, folding electric bikes can be stored indoors, which greatly reduces the risk of the vehicle being stolen and improves anti-theft security.

- Energy saving and environmental protection: foldable electric bike is a relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly means of transportation, causing relatively low pollution to the environment. At the same time, folding electric bikes can liberate riders from congested urban traffic.

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2. Cons

- Poor stability: The stability and shock absorbing effect of electric bike folding are relatively poor, which will lead to a poor riding experience.

- Not suitable for long-distance travel: Folding e-bikes have poor endurance and short mileage, so they are not suitable for long-distance travel.

Best Folding Electric Bikes in UK

While there are many folding electric bikes on the market, the quality varies. From the perspective of safety and comfort, it is recommended that people choose folding electric bikes with better quality and reputation, such as the following best folding electric bikes that are highly recognized in the UK.

1. ENGWE Engine Pro

ENGWE Engine Pro is the best electric folding bike in the UK. This full suspension foldable e-bike is known for its high quality. Although it is a foldable electric bike, Engine Pro is equipped with soft tail and front suspension, which can make riding more comfortable and safer. Secondly, the tires of this e-bike are 20*4.0 inches, which can help the rider smoothly pass through different terrains. In addition, ENGWE Engine Pro is also equipped with a powerful hub-motor and 16Ah removable battery, with a cruising range of up to 120km. These highlights of ENGWE Engine Pro make it highly recognized as one of the best electric folding bikes in the UK.

best folding electric bike - engwe engine pro

In addition to Engine Pro, ENGWE also has some other high-performance electric folding bikes, please check out at the ENGWE folding bike page.

2. ADO Air 20

The ADO Air 20 is ultra-light and foldable to meet all commuting and entertainment needs and is considered one of the best folding electric bikes in the UK. The e-bike's battery is very light at just 16kg, and its hydraulic brakes make riding safer and more stable. With this best folding electric bike in the UK, riders are able to free themselves from greasy, rusty chains and enjoy the ride.


As one of the best folding electric bikes, MIRIDER One GB3 has many highlights. For example, this highly regarded foldable electric bike in UK is equipped with a 250-watt rear hub motor that provides assistance at pedaling speeds up to 15.5 mph; it offers Level 5 assistance while riding, making the ride easier and more responsive.


The emergence and development of folding electric bike make people's short-distance travel easier, more convenient and environmentally friendly, and also relieve the pressure of urban traffic to a certain extent. It is a means of transportation worth recommending and popularizing.

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