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What are the Advantages of Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

Fat tire electric bikes are outselling other types of e-bikes due to their extreme capability and comfort. In case you’re also planning to get one, you might wonder what are the advantages of fat tire electric bikes and if you should even get one.

Well, we will discuss just that in this blog. But before we do that, let’s see what a fat tire electric bike is.

What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

A fat tire electric bike uses wide tires that have a width ranging from three to five inches. To match the performance of these tires, the fat tire e-bikes feature sturdy frames and high-end components. They also almost always come with a suspension system.

Fat tire electric bikes may be new, but fat tires are not. They have been used by bicyclists to tackle snow and sand for decades. Let’s now see what are the advantages of fat tire electric bikes… and why they are so different from other kinds of e-bikes.

What are the Advantages of Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

They Offer a Stable & Balanced Ride

Fat tire electric bikes ensure a stable, balanced, and safe ride, thanks to their wide tire profile and more tread. Their tires distribute your weight over a larger surface area which results in a better grip and enhanced traction.

This increase in traction not only helps you when you’re taking difficult bends or turns but also when you’re riding on a rough surface.

Another reason behind the greater stability of fat tire electric bikes is that their tires are bulky and heavy in weight – which leads to better stability on any surface. Moreover, since the manufacturers have to use equally capable frame, spokes, and other components with fat tires, the resultant increase in the overall weight of these bikes further enhances ride stability.

They Let You Go Off the Road

The biggest advantage of fat tire electric bikes is that they let you go off the road to explore any area you want including those that are inaccessible to others. It’s all thanks to their excellent balance and ride stability.

From rough city roads, to uneven dirt tracks, to gravel patches, to jagged inclines, to rocky outskirts, to rugged hills – you can go anywhere, knowing that your tires won’t get flat and your wheels won’t get damaged. It’s also because of the fact that fat tires are specifically designed to let you go off the road. 

They have an ultra-thick knobby tread with a puncture-resistant build… and since they pack much larger air volume compared to other tires, they can easily endure sudden impacts without experiencing pinching flats or any damage to your rims. 

They Let You Explore Every Terrain

Fat tire electric bikes can let you explore loose terrains and soft-packed surfaces that you simply can’t access by any other type of electric bike. 

As mentioned before, they have a wide tire profile that distributes your weight over a larger surface area, resulting in a better grip and enhanced traction. So, unlike thin tires, the fat tire electric bikes don’t sink in mud, snow, or sand.

If the conditions are more demanding (such as when you’re riding on fresh snow), you can further enhance your traction by lowering the tire pressure. Doing so will increase the surface contact area of your tires, allowing you to ride safely without digging into the snow. 

It’s due to these reasons fat tire electric bikes are perfect for riding on sandy beaches, snow-covered pavements, or muddy tracks. 

However, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. When you deflate your tires to get more traction such as on sand or snow, you’ll be increasing the rolling resistance due to the enhanced contact area – which would either require you to consume more motor power or pedal harder.

They are Extremely Comfortable

Since fat tires pack a larger volume of air than what you find in other types of tires, they provide an excellent shock absorption and a perfectly cushioned ride, no matter if you’re riding on the most rugged of terrains possible. 

The result is an extremely comfortable ride with no bumps, jolts, or sudden impacts. This is especially the case when you also have a front or dual suspension in your electric bike. In that case, no disruption or undulation can take a toll on you… and you don’t get tired soon.

This is why many people who have no off-roading needs at all go for fat tire electric bikes for urban riding. In case you suffer from backache or any other related muscle problems, you’ll find fat tire electric bikes much more convenient on urban bumps and potholes than other types of e-bikes.

They Have a Resilient Nature

Since fat tire electric bikes are usually meant for challenging off-road rides, they have extremely sturdy components (such as heavy-duty frame, bearings, spokes, bottom bracket, etc.) to endure almost everything. 

They’re extremely sturdy and have a remarkable payload capacity. This is also why fat tire electric bikes are more suitable for riders who weigh more than average, as well as the riders who often need to haul heavy gear with them.

Moreover, these e-bikes are also extremely resilient when it comes to facing harsh weather. They don’t lose their grip on wet surfaces due to their skid-resistant tread… and they can easily withstand severe winds due to their heavier weight and stable build. 

This is why fat tire electric bikes are perfect for thrill-seekers and adrenaline-junkies!

They Keep You Healthy and Fit

A significant advantage of fat tire electric bikes that often gets overlooked is that they keep you healthier than all other types of e-bikes. It’s because the fat tires experience greater rolling resistance due to their wider tread and these e-bikes also weigh more. 

As a result, you have to exert more force and engage more core muscles to pedal these electric bikes when you’re not using throttle or a higher pedal-assist level. This is why fat tire electric bikes are more suitable for riders who want to get an e-bike for exercise purposes. 

What are the Disadvantages of Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

There’s no denying that fat tire electric bikes offer a lot of benefits… but they are still not flawless. 

Since fat tires experience more rolling resistance, you need to exert more power when you’re not using motor power. This can be perfect for those riders who have purchased these e-bikes for exercise purposes, but can be tiresome for others.

Moreover, fat tire electric bikes are always more expensive than a similarly spec’d electric bike with on-road tires. Since they’re heavier and are meant for challenging rides, they need sturdier frame components, more capable suspension systems and high-end heavier braking systems. 

Fat tires, themselves, are more expensive than thin tires as they use more rubber and have an extremely durable build quality.

What Tire Pressure to Use in Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

If you want to have a safe and capable ride… and make the most of your fat tire electric bike, you have to be very careful about maintaining the correct tire pressure. 

You need more tire pressure when traveling on hard-packed terrains such as jagged hills (so as to avoid damage to your rims) than when cruising on soft-packed surfaces like sand and snow (so as to deflate your tires and get more traction). 

Here’s a brief summary of the air pressure you need on various terrains.

Tire Pressure for Fat Tire E-bikes

Type of Terrain

Tire Pressure

Urban pavements

12+ psi

Rocky tracks

8-12 psi

Wet packed sand

6-8 psi

Loose sand

4-6 psi

Soft packed snow

4-5 psi

The tire pressure also depends upon your total weight (bike + rider), tire quality, and ride speed. You need more air pressure at high payloads, or in tires with low profile and loose sidewall, or when cruising at high speeds.

The best way to find what tire pressure is perfect for you is to take a pump and start experimenting! 

What Fat Tire Electric Bikes We Have at Engwe?

Engwe is a renowned manufacturer of fat tire electric bikes, and our products are regarded as some of the best options on the market. As of now, we’re offering the following fat tire electric bikes in our line-up:

Electric Bike



Engwe C20 Pro

20” x 3.0”


Engwe EP-2 Pro

20” x 4.0”


Engwe Engine X

20” x 4.0”


Engwe Engine Pro

20” x 4.0”


Our fat tire electric bikes are made from high-strength thermal-treated aluminum alloy and are rated at a maximum load capacity of 150kg (330lbs). With the exception of C20 Pro, all other fat tire e-bikes come with an integrated rear rack to let you take your gear with you on your off-roading adventures.

Moreover, our fat tire electric bikes feature a folding frame so that you can easily store or transport them. Going on a camping or hunting trip? Just fold them down and throw them in your trunk. Once you have reached your adventure site, you’ll be able to explore everything that others can’t!

Our fat tire electric bikes come with extremely capable powertrains, lasting Lithium batteries, reliable brakes, remarkable suspension systems and lots of other features. The best thing is, they don’t break the bank and provide an unrivaled value for money!

If you want to explore our complete line-up, you can do that here!

October 25, 2022
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