Ebike Accessories You Must Have

Front and tail lights.

These bright lights are more than necessary if you are an off-road enthusiast.

Helmets and gloves

Helmets are another essential and life-saving accessory every biker should own!

The helmet and gloves are easily the most important accessories to consider when choosing an electric bike. They are both safety equipment that can save your life and prevent injuries if you fall off your bike. A helmet will protect your head in case of a crash, while gloves will protect your hands from getting cut or bruised by the handlebars.

Phone Mount

A mobile phone holder is indispensable for a happy ride on an electric bike, especially for riders who ride dirt roads, mountain bikes and gravel bikes to deal with some complex terrain.

Phone Mount securely attaches to the handlebars of the ebike and provides a secure location to mount your phone, allowing you hands-free use.

Bike Cover

The most important accessory to keep your electric bike safe is a waterproof bike cover. This will protect your e-bike from rain and snow, and also prevent dust from building up on the delicate controls. Some electric bikes come with a cover or one can be purchased separately.

Bike Bags

Bike Bags are a smart accessory to an electric mountain bike setup. These particular pannier bags hang on either side of the rear wheel of your electric bike and are fully waterproof and made of marine-grade, waterproof materials which make them perfect for packing in extra gear for a hunt or a weekend camping trip. Plus, the comfortable handles makes them super portable even off the bike.

Portable Air Pump

The Portable Air Pump is a portable air compressor that can fill up almost anything, not just your electric bike tires… rubber balls, pool toys, even your car tire. Just preset to your desired PSI and go. Great for camping, festivals, and your on-road emergency kit, this compact air pump is a must-have.

Electric Bicycle Lock

Bike locks are an essential security accessory for any e-bike owner. An electric bicycle lock can help protect your bike from theft and vandalism when you’re not riding it. This particular one works for bikes and scooters.

Extra Battery Pack

If you’re thinking about charging deep into the woods, an extra battery pack is an absolute must.

January 14, 2023