The green revolution has shifted the transportation paradigm towards sustainable modes of commuting. People are shifting towards environment-friendly vehicles to save the environment so that the coming generations can live healthy lives. That's where Engwe bikes come in to help you commute on eco-friendly bikes across different terrains, from narrow city streets to steep mountain slopes.

Engwe has introduced step through electric bikes for every kind of rider, whether you are looking for an electric bike to reach your office or to have fun on the peaks of the mountain, we have got your back.

You can ride our electric step through bikes wherever you want, on gravel roads or downtown streets, either for amusement or for exercise purposes.

Let's discuss what is a step through electric bike and why you need to buy one for yourself.

What is a Step Through Electric Bike?

A step-through electric bike is a normal bicycle connected to a battery that helps you save energy while paddling. It is designed to empower riders to reduce their carbon footprint by commuting through environment-friendly means of transportation.

All in all, an electric step through bike is a handy bike equipped with a battery pack that provides a certain range limit for travelling without running the paddles. People buy these e-bikes for their daily commute or to ride on weekends. Because they can simultaneously serve both purposes, including commuting and travelling for delight.

Why People Buy Step Through Electric Bike?

People buy step through electric bikes mainly to cover their short-range travels on an eco-friendly vehicle. But there are many other reasons driving people to switch to step-through electric bikes. One is their less parking space-acquiring feature, and the second is their sleek and handy designs.

Female passengers prefer step through electric bikes because of their sleek designs. Because of the bikes' unfriendly designs, their skirts usually get stuck in the frames or tyres of the vehicle, and it has been observed that many of them get into accidents because of the bikes' unfriendly designs.

But now, more and more women riders are buying these bikes than men because bike manufacturers are designing women-friendly bikes to encourage them to ride safely on their own. In the UK, step-through electric bikes are termed as ladies' electric bikes because a large chunk of female riders prefer to commute through these bikes.

a lady standing next to the engwe l20 step through electric bike

Pros And Cons of Electric Step-Through Bikes

As with other vehicles like cars, electric bikes with step through frame have a number of pros and cons. However, the pros outweigh the cons because manufacturers conduct ample research before designing or launching an e-bike in the market. Now let's discuss each one to determine whether it is worth it for you to buy one or not.


1. Step Through Frame

Many e-bike manufacturers are adopting step through frame designs that are adjustable according to the rider's height. They are designed to cater for men and women of different heights. If you wear a short skirt or dress and want to ride a bike, then Engwe P275 ST would be the best option for you. However, it is also suitable for men to ride.

2. Frame Geometry

Step through electric bikes come with adjustable frames, allowing riders to shorten the distance between handlebars, lower the standover height, and so on according to their riding preferences. These bike frames are specifically designed to cater to every kind of rider, to accommodate taller or shorter individuals, and to adjust frames according to an ergonomic riding position.

3. Stylish Design

Step through bikes with sleek or minimalist designs are manufactured to appeal to modern-day riders. However, manufacturers like Engwe also focus on developing aesthetically pleasing bikes to appeal to men and women. That's why they offer a range of colours to choose from, as avocado green and flamingo pink are available for an aggressive and easy-going rider in Engwe L20 step through e-bike.

4. Adjustable Saddles and Handlebars

Smart bike manufacturers like Engwe consider riders' anatomical differences and preferences. That's why they offer adjustable saddles and handlebars. You can increase or decrease the saddle's height and widen or shorten the handlebar according to your riding posture and preference. These adjustabilities make the Engwe step through bikes a first choice for the riders, no matter whether you are male or female.

5. Electric Power

Most step through bikes are equipped with electric batteries, which allow riders to ride to a certain range without exerting body force on the paddles. Engwe step-through electric bikes come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which provide a long-range and allow riders to cover more distance on a single charge without having range anxiety.

After charging your e-bike, you can enjoy your ride under the range limit provided without releasing hazardous environmental gases. Different companies offer battery packs of different sizes that are usually too low to cover a downtown round-in. On the other hand, Engwe e-bikes offer various electric step through bikes with a minimum range of up to 140 km on a single charge.

an engwe p275 st step through e bike on the road


1. Charging Time

People are reluctant to buy e-bikes and vehicles because of the long charging time it takes to ride them again on the road. It has been observed that e-bikes usually take around 8 to 9 hours to charge back the battery pack.

It is quite high time to charge your bikes to ride them again, but Engwe Bikes has tried to reduce this time by using advanced technologies to save the time of the riders and to help them being on road in as much short time as possible.

That's why they have introduced their charging-efficient electric bikes with step through frames, Engwe L20 or E26. Let's have a look at their stats to see how much time the riders can save getting back on the road. The first one takes around 6.5 hours to charge the battery pack fully, and the second one takes about 5.5 hours, which is quite manageable for the bikers.

2. Acceleration Speed

Acceleration speed is another drawback of e-bikes because it limits the rider to cover a certain distance in more time than cars and other vehicles. E-bikes are designed to accelerate at a certain speed to ensure the riders' safety.

For example, Engwe L20 offers a 250W brushless electric motor with 50 nm torque to accelerate the bike. On the other hand, Engwe E26 offers a 250W brushless electric motor that provides 70 nm torque acceleration speed.

The speed for both e-bikes is locked at 25km per hour, which can be unlocked, but we suggest you follow the UK government guidelines for riding safely within the legal speed limits.

a girl rides engwe e26 step through electric bike on the road

Words in the End

Having a sustainable mobility solution is the need of an hour for every citizen. It is never too late to change your habits to save your future, so go for a step through electric bike today and partake in bringing the green revolution to your home.

Make sure to buy a comfortable and reliable electric step through bike for your travels to save money and time by making a smart decision. You can check out our step through electric bikes for power-packed rides free of range anxiety.

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